For 5 coaches, consultants & agency owners doing 10k/mo minimum...

Get Paired With A Fully Trained Team Who'll Save You Time, Streamline Your Systems And Help You Scale Up Fast.

We'll take care of the recruiting, hiring and training...all we need is your leadership.

"Since launching my team I've been working 10 hours less each week and generating twice as much revenue each month..."

Brian Ragone, CEO/Founder, Puzzle

In The Next 14 Days You Could Have A Team Who Supports You In Doing It All. 

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It's Time To Start Only Doing Things You Want To Be Doing In Your Business.

⚠️ We Only Take On 5 Clients Per Month! ⚠️


Systems Created.


Revenue Generated By Clients.


VA Teams Launched.


Hours Saved Per Month By Clients On Avg.

You Started Your Business To Have Time Freedom, Financial Freedom And To Make A Huge Impact. 

However, things could be running a bit more smoothly (or a lot) right?
You're stuck doing everything, from client delivery, to social media, to operations and nothing seems to be streamlined. It's chaos.
You've tried hiring a team or virtual assistant (s) (and you might even have a few team members) but you can't take on another task, another client or bring your vision to reality.
You're wondering if you'll ever be able to really have a team that gets things done every single week - and you're done reading the books, taking the courses, and getting "coached" to implement things you don't know how to (or want to) do.

You Just Want A Team That Allows You Serve, Do And Achieve More Now.

One where you can stay in your zone of genius, make progress every week, and know that you're over-delivering value to your clients.

What if we told you that you don't need more information, another coach, or an overpriced seminar to legitimately build a scalable business this month?
What if all it took was ONE team to change it all.
The good news is, it really is that simple, and we have the results (and statistics) to prove it.

At the core of our service, we help you install proven systems, and pair you with a trained virtual team to scale your business.

How It Works

Don't Put Yourself Through The Hassle Of Posting Job Descriptions, Interviewing And Training A New Team Member, We've Done That For You. 


We Help You Audit And Assess Your Current Systems, Tasks and Team. 

By the time we’re finished you’ll know exactly what’s needed to scale to the next level, save time, and streamline your business.

Never have the wrong systems in place or the wrong people in the wrong seats again. 

Together we will be able to identify:
  • Your biggest bottlenecks
  • ​What tasks you can delegate 
  • What to automate and streamline
  • The time, energy and money wasters
  • What systems you need to scale up 
  • How to generate more revenue & save more time

You finish the assessment knowing exactly how you'll grow to the next level, and who you need to execute it. 

"We brought on an A-player and doubled our MRR in 60 days., and I was able to take 10 days completely off."

Dylan Hey

Founder Of Go-Hey Digital


We Install An Integrator Into Your Business To Turn Your Assessment Into A Weekly Action Plan

When you sign up for, you’ll immediately be assigned a dedicated Integrator. An integrator is the bridge between you and your team. The person who supports the visionary CEO, the glue in the company, the go-to person to get things done.

Once a week, at a time you commit to, you’ll get on a zoom with your Integrator to implement your weekly action plan, strategize systems and support in delegating tasks to your team. Basically you start running your business for an hour a week!

Your Integrator Will Do All The Heavy Lifting With You:
  • ​Supporting you and in training the team 
  • ​Weekly Accountability Calls To Keep The Team Taking Action
  • ​Breaking goals down into realistic steps 
  • ​Create a focused action plan each week
  • ​Tracking results and progress

Bringing your vision to life takes less grind, overwhelm, and internal motivation because now you're supported in creating clarity and results

"We brought on team members and now regularly have 6-figure months."


Founder Of Veza Digital 


We Pair You With A Trained Virtual Assistant Team

Armed with your plan, you go into your week with incredible clarity and focus. You no longer feel overwhelmed.

You wake up in the morning and see how your team is already executing tasks, building systems and running the company. You feel inspired, playful and ready to do whatever it is you do best. 

Your team can consist of:
  • Social Media Managers
  • ​Lead Generation Managers
  • ​Funnel Building & Email Marketing Specialists
  • ​Customer Success & Client Managers
  • ​Video Editing & Design Experts
  • ​Operations Business Managers

So you can relax, know deadlines are being hit and that you have the right people in the right seats covering all the things that need to be done. 

"We've Done Multiple 7-Figures Working With Our Teams, Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way"

Gerard Adams

Founder LeadersCreateLeaders

The End Result Is Simple: 
Consistently Turn Your Goals & Vision Into Concrete Results 

As each week goes by, you stack more and more finished tasks on top of each other. No excuses, no distractions, just tangible, progress every week. 

Before you know it, you start gaining momentum, hitting KPIS, systems are running your business and things just start getting easier. You start feeling more confident about yourself and the path you’re on. 

Now normally, something falls apart, or self-doubt or overwhelm starts creeping in but you are no longer going about it all by yourself. 

Your integrator is right there next to you. Keeping you and your team on track, killing shiny object syndrome, holding you accountable, and helping your team maintain the momentum and speed you’ve picked up. 

The results keep getting better and better. 

And so do you. 

"We've taken action and built a $100,000k a month business because of it. It's simple and it's scalable. 

Mike Sherrard

Founder Of Social Agent Academy

Success Stories

Our members include top coaches, consultants, world-renowned entrepreneurs and more….

Lauren Messiah

Founder Of Style Boss

"I want to thank the team for putting together such a great program. Working them and the VA's I was able to go from $5k/mo to consistent $20k months.

Dylan Hey

Founder, Hey Digital

"Took 10 days Off, With 6-Figure Months"

Johnny Longinidis


"My team is so powerful and supportive"

Eric Balance


"Built a 7-Figure Company And Leads Heart Led Leaders"

Felix He

Founder OPMMastery

"4x’d MRR and Developing Into A Leader"

Mario Lanzarotti

The Freedom Architect

"From Doing Everything To Total Freedom"

🤔 Is For You?

 This is For YOU if...

  • You need to add team members asap but don’t want to hire, interview or train them. 
  • ​You want an integrator to support in running the operations of your company. .
  • ​You want to stop doing all the things in your business and you want to systemize, delegate and automate everything. 
  • You’ve been generating a minimum of 6-figures a year in revenue, you can create clients and you know there’s a next level in your business. 

 This is NOT For YOU if...

  • You aren’t looking for new systems to simplify your business that can be implemented within hours. 
  • ​You’re not committed to becoming the best leader for yourself and your team. 
  • You want someone to write your copy, run your ads, or do your sales calls. 
  • ​You’re not a coach, consultant, course creator, brand, entrepreneur or agency looking to build a scalable business online. 

If you're ready to take things to the next level in your coaching, consulting, or agency business, while saving thousands of dollars per month, then you NEED to leverage TeamLaunch.

An Important Message From HQ...

We're Taking Years Of Experience & Giving You The Exact Teams, Systems & Training  100's Of Clients Have Used To Scale To 6 & 7 Figures! #LetsGoooo 🔥

Be Supported.

Every Integrator And Team Member Is Ready To Help You Win More.

Trained on an ongoing basis in our cutting edge methodology (based off of working with 500+ businesses) that ensures progress, and accelerates your vision into concrete results. Experienced working with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, agencies doing more tasks than you can imagine, and with a proven track record in getting them ALL accelerating - the key is our proven methodology. 

Never Do Everything In Your Business Again. Always Have Complete Clarity On What To Do Next.

Phase #1 - PRODUCT: We help you AUTOMATE your on-boarding and delivery processes so you can get your clients results, retaining them for life.

Phase #2 - SALES: We help you set up REPEATABLE sales processes so you generate an influx of leads for your team to close.

Phase #3 - MARKETING: We help you set up PREDICTABLE funnels, ads, email sequences and social content so you can attract ideal clients to your offers.

Phase #4 - OPERATIONS: We help you DELEGATE to your team the outcomes and objectives you need to hit so you can work on the business.

Phase # 5 - FINANCE: We help you TRACK your critical numbers and KPIs to ensure high-profit margins so you can have consistent month over month growth.

100% full time. 100% in-house. 100% the best.

Our Integrators are based across the US and our teams are based in PH. Together they’re employed by us and receive many benefits. They’ve logged thousands of hours with members and worked with entrepreneurs all over the world. 

Our Teams Are Trained & Skilled In These 6 Core Areas Of Business

Selected from a meticulous recruiting process with simulations, personality tests, and profiles, then interviews exhaustively to ensure they’re the perfect fit. We hire less than 1% of applicants.  They're also required to have hundreds of hours of experience, to ensure they’re fully equipped to serve you as an effective enhancing force.

Social Media Managers

Responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales. 

Lead Generation Managers

Prospecting, qualifying and generating new sales leads to support the business.

Operations Business Managers

High-Level people who run project management softwares, build systems and oversee the team. 

Client Success

Client success may vary depending on the business or industry. Helps increase client retention, establishes client relationships, and Supervise/Develop client success teams.

Marketing Tech 

Builds your funnels, emails and membership site automations. Takes everything technical off your plate, including zapier.

Design & Video

Provides creating complex graphics, animation and live video content for a diverse array of media. Establishes and implements design and format standards and processes to produce consistent and high quality results.

Testimonials From Our

Community of Coaches, Consultants & Agencies.

Join An Environment Where Success Is Inevitable

Most traditional systems, teams and coaching don’t work because they’re all separate and a lot gets lost in the communication which then requires a lot of will power and effort to continue growth. is all-in-one. All you need to do is show up and the proven process will immediately start creating results. 

In short, having an integrator who is optimizing your planning, your execution and supporting in systemizing your business all while the team is crushing work and you’re getting consulting is the closest thing to guaranteeing success.

The foolish try to do everything themselves and waste valuable time, energy, attention and money hustling all on their own. 

The smartest entrepreneurs build systems and teams around themselves that make things automatic and effortless. 

Leveraging is like installing a new system into your business that makes everything else easier or unnecessary.

Install These Team Members And Systems Into Your Business today

Here’s Everything You Get As A Member

  • A Dedicated Integrator 
  • ​1-6 Trained Virtual Assistant Team Members
  • ​Weekly 1-1 Calls With Your Integrator 
  • ​Network Of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • ​Systems And Team Assessment 
  • ​30, 60, 90 Day Weekly Action Plans To Implement
  • ​Bonus #1: Training Library 
  • ​Bonus #2:  SOP Templates 

Are you ready for the next level of freedom?

Want us to take everything off your plate? 

Schedule Your Personalized Team Demo Today

On this meeting we will:
  • Understand exactly which team members  you need on your team
  • The SOPS and Processes our teams can implement into your business
  • How you can streamline & scale your business
  • ​How you can get back up to 30 hrs per week of your time

Apply To Work With Our Team  - "Why The Application?" Because We Want To Make Sure It's The Highest And Best Use Of Everyones Time.


Learn How You Can Make Your Coaching, Consulting Or Agency Business Take Off...

With A Powerful Team Dedicated To Supporting You In Generating More Revenue And Saving You Time So You Can Work On The Things You Love.

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